Easter and Other Fun Things

This will be a bit of a photo dump, because I never get around to updating this thing.

We are all doing really well. Jack is much much happier (darn that “high needs” baby) I almost can’t remember how bad he was (haha).

Ruby is learning more and more each day, she is very stubborn (I don’t know where she gets it πŸ˜‰ but we love her spunk!

Von is really bust at work and with the Elder’s quorum but is enjoying the kids and watching Survivor (it is a great season!)

I am reveling in the glory that Jack is napping twice a day, one of which is when Ruby naps (knock on wood) and trying to figure out what I like to spend my time doing (other than watching House MD).

At the Aboretum

At the Aboretum

Fun visitors!

Fun visitors!


Easter bunny brought chalk, her favorite!


Ward Easter Egg Hunt


Easter egg hunt with friends


First movie, “Rio 2”


Handsome little devil πŸ™‚


Easter Best


Starting to wave


Just like Papa


Great egg color-er


More interested in the flowers, she only picked up two eggs πŸ™‚


IMG_3516 Dallas springs are lovely, perfect egg hunting weather!


Ru loves Jack!



Ruby is 2!

We had a great time celebrating our sweet Ruby. She has made the last two years so special for Von and me.


Ruby is quite the kid. She loves the park, dogs and flowers. She loves to read and watch movies. When she is excited she twirls her right arm and kicks her feet; she cannot contain all of her excitement!


She does not stop running, she just goes and goes…and goes. Everyone loves Ruby wherever we go. She loves to say hi andΒ  give hugs and kisses.


She has a very special spirit and is very sensitive to any being that is sad,may it be animal or human πŸ™‚ This makes her a very good big sister!


I have been one lucky Mama to have such a wonderful baby girl. I have been changed for the better with her in my life.


Grandma Hamp told me once to never kill Ruby’s spirit. I hope I never do!

Fun-filled weekend!

We had a great weekend that started on Thursday with Naomi, Sarah and Lot’s arrival. Friday morning we walked down the trail to the Highland Park Pharmacy for shakes.



Then Mary Ellen, Raymee, Grandma and Grandad arrived.



Ruby and Jack love their cousin.

We then went downtown to Dealey Plaza to the JFK memorial and museum. Saturday we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards and rode the M-line trolley in Dallas.

Sunday was great with Jack’s blessing.




Special outfit made by Nana πŸ™‚

It was soo awesome to have everyone here with us. We’re so lucky to have such wonderful family!


It has been far too long since I posted so there is far too much to catch up on! I will just post some pictures since I last posted (which I think was in May!).

The reason for the long hiatus is a little boy named Jack, born September 2 (on Labor Day). He has been awfully time consuming but worth every second. He is doing much much better now so I have a little time to post.



First morning home.

First morning home.




One month old! Happy big sister πŸ™‚

At the State Fair.

At the State Fair.


Wonderful visitors!! Jack loved Papa.

Wonderful visitors!! Jack loved Papa.

At the Pumpkin Patch.

At the Pumpkin Patch.

Ready for church.

I will probably get lots more pictures up this next week. We have a big weekend; 2 month old pics, Halloween, Slade family visitors and baby blessing πŸ˜€

Hope you are all wonderful.

Memorial Day and the D-Backs Game

Monday we went to Lewisville Lake with some friends in our ward. We had a great time despite the 18mh wind and cloudy skies. Ruby loved the lake. She did not want to get out even with her teeth chattering.

Water, she says.

Water, she says.


Pre- swimsuit

Pre- swimsuit


The AZ Diamondbacks don’t often play the TX Rangers (they are in different leagues) but they played today at 1. So, Von took the day off and we went to the game! It was so much fun. It was not nearly as hot as it could have been. It was overcast and windy pretty much the whole game, but my thighs are still burned and kinda hurt now. ah well πŸ™‚ Ruby had a lot of fun watching the game and running around. We did lose, but the d-backs won the series and that is what matters.







We had visitors this morning!


They were trying to climb the wall outside our window.


2 baby racoons


Ruby was glued to the window!

They moved along pretty quickly, with so many dogs and cars I don’t know how long they will last here.

Hope you all have a Happy Mother’s Day! We’re making Cafe Rio food for dinner, so mine is going to be AWESOME!!

18 months, this week! Gets to go to nursery today :)

18 months, this week! Gets to go to nursery today πŸ™‚


I promised Kourtne today that I would post something, so I am. Not that I haven’t thought about it in the past or even wanted to, I just haven’t made myself do it. Seeing as how I now have a commitment, I better stick to it πŸ™‚ Thanks, Kourt!

We have not been up to much around here, just pluggin’ away at work, work for Von and work for me at home.

I am loving our new place because of the location. We are right off of the Katy Trail, so walks are must everyday, as well as our minute stroll to the park across the street. The weather has been up and down with warm and cold days–cold as in, 55…so not really complaining. It is extremely windy every day, I think it will stop as soon as I will want a nice breeze in the 100 degree weather, ah well.

We are preparing for the new baby, by not doing too much yet. Tomorrow we have a sonogram scheduled so we will hopefully find out the sex, yay! I am technically 21 weeks today, but Monday I was measuring at 23 so I guess we’ll see what happens in the next few months. I feel good and much, much better than I did with Ruby.

I promised Kourt some pics with Ruby’s luscious hair, hope I can find some good ones πŸ™‚ Love you all!


ImageImageRuby LOVES her baby…the other day, I was doing my hair in the bathroom and she ran in with her baby, sat her on the toilet, grabbed a little bit of tissue and cleaned her babies’ leg and promptly threw the tissue in the trash.

She is very proud of her baby and always makes sure it has a blanket (most often a scarf, or this Dumbo blanket)


17 Months! Right before church. Image