Easter and Other Fun Things

This will be a bit of a photo dump, because I never get around to updating this thing.

We are all doing really well. Jack is much much happier (darn that “high needs” baby) I almost can’t remember how bad he was (haha).

Ruby is learning more and more each day, she is very stubborn (I don’t know where she gets it πŸ˜‰ but we love her spunk!

Von is really bust at work and with the Elder’s quorum but is enjoying the kids and watching Survivor (it is a great season!)

I am reveling in the glory that Jack is napping twice a day, one of which is when Ruby naps (knock on wood) and trying to figure out what I like to spend my time doing (other than watching House MD).

At the Aboretum

At the Aboretum

Fun visitors!

Fun visitors!


Easter bunny brought chalk, her favorite!


Ward Easter Egg Hunt


Easter egg hunt with friends


First movie, “Rio 2”


Handsome little devil πŸ™‚


Easter Best


Starting to wave


Just like Papa


Great egg color-er


More interested in the flowers, she only picked up two eggs πŸ™‚


IMG_3516 Dallas springs are lovely, perfect egg hunting weather!


Ru loves Jack!



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